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Highly successful start to the CerealPath Training Programme

04 February 2016 15:20

Over the course of 4 days during the week of 26 January 2016, University College Dublin hosted a number of meeting and talks as part of the CerealPath induction training for our early stage researchers.

In all, 11 of our early stage researchers were able to join the training in Dublin, with all of the beneficiaries and a number of the project partners represented.

The course included a number of talks on the key education and training components of the Network, as well as technical talks presented by the academic leaders of the projects.

The early stage researchers attended talks on career development and possible career paths, presented by Mark Cumisky of the UCD Career Development Centre and Viktor Korzun of KWS, as well s a general introduction to good data management practises - by Dr Kalpana Shankar of the UCD School of Information and Communication Studies - and an introduction to scientific communication by Dr Edward Casey of the UCD Earth Institute and the UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science.

Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, each of the academic leaders of the various projects presented an outline of their own work and how it relates to the various CerealPath research areas.

While there was a major focus on the academic and research portfolio of the Network, the participants also enjoyed a number of social events each evening. The main event was a dinner at Newman House on Saint Stephen's Green in Dublin City Centre: Newman House, named after Cardinal John Henry Newman, was the birth-place of the institution that has now become University College Dublin, an apt location for the new Network!

Over the coming days and weeks, details of our early stage researchers will be posted on this website.

Highly successful start to the CerealPath Training Programme