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Meike Latz elected as ESR representative

15 April 2016 10:49

Meike Latz, a CerealPath Early Stage Researcher based at the University of Copenhagen, has been elected as the ESR Representative for the Network Supervisory Board.

Meike was elected following nominations from among the group of ESRs. Three candidates were put forward, and following a ballot, Meike was elected.

She will now represent the ESR community at all meetings of the Network Supervisory Board, which are scheduled for May and December of this year. Meike will bring any issues or comments raised by the ESR community for consideration at those meetings.

Meike will hold the position for one year, at which point further nominations will be sought and a new election held.

Meike, who is originally from Germany, is working under the direction of Dr Hans Jorgensen on a project entitled Integrated control of wheat foliar diseases using biocontrol agents and silicon.

Meike Latz elected as ESR representative