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Network wide training event in bioactive and biological disease control

28 March 2017 12:01

In early March, all of our ESR travelled to Ishoj, just south-west of Copenhagen for a network-wide training course. Over the course of five days they participated in an intensive programme of talks, seminars, master classes and workshops in the areas of bioactive and biological controls of plant diseases.

The training programme, developed and overseen by Professor David Collinge of the University of Copenhagen and his colleagues, ran from Monday, 06 March 2017 to Friday, 10 march 2017 and included talks on both the theoretical and practical aspects of bioactive and biological control of crop diseases and pests, as well as an overview of the various legislative frameworks in place across Europe and globally. The talks were augmented by an extensive reading list and group activities.

Talks were given by a number of CerealPath consortium members, including Fiona Doohan (UCD), Birgit Jensen (UCPH), Hans Jorgensen (UCPH), Brian Murphy (TCD and UCD) and Karl-Heinz Kogel (JLU Giessen). The CerealPath project was also delighted to welcome a number of external experts in the field, including Davide Bulgarelli (University of Dundee), Dan Funck Jensen (SLU), Jrgen Eilenberg (UCPH) and Lars Mlbak (Chr Hansen A/S).

Coupled with the extensive working days was an active social calendar, including a number of evening socials and a trip to the Arken Museum of Modern Art. Fiona Doohan, CerealPath Leader, also took the opportunity to have a meeting with all of the ESRs to discuss how the programme is running and what would be useful for the future.

Network wide training event in bioactive and biological disease control