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Successful ESR secondment for Meike Latz

24 November 2016 11:03

University College Dublin was very pleased to host our colleague from University of Copenhagen, Meike Latz, for three weeks in October.

Meike is working on a project examining integrated control of wheat foliar diseases with endophytes and silicon, under the direction of Dr Hans Jorgensen at the University of Copenhagen.

As part of her work, Meike has isolated a number of Danish endophyte strains from local wheat varieties. As part of her secondment, she came to UCD to get training in some specialised characterisation techniques that have been developed by Dr Brian Murphy. Dr Murphy is based at both UCD and Trinity College.

"We have considerable expertise in genetic characterisation techniques when it comes to endophytes," explained Dr Murphy. Sharing this expertise will greatly enhance studies of endophytes generally while contributing substantially to the successful completion of a number of projects within the CerealPath Action.

On the basis of this work, Meike will present results to at the CerealPath Annual Symposium in December 2016 and is expected to present at the Sustain: Endophytes for a growing world conference in Dublin in August 2017.

As with all Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Actions, there is a significant focus on secondments within CerealPath. Secondments afford our Early Stage Researchers with the opportunity to gain new skills in their chosen field while simultaneously expanding their own personal research network.

Successful ESR secondment for Meike Latz