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Two major programme training events in April

03 May 2016 22:06

April was a busy month for our Early Stage Researchers, who have now completed a further two key programme training components.

During the week beginning 04 April, the group travelled en masse to the John Innes Centre in Norwich. The week began with a scientific overview by Professor James Browne.

Further session, facilitated by Dr Brande Wulff and Dr Cristobal Uauy, included hands-on scientific presentation skills, with a specific focus on presenting cereal research to multiple audiences. Two members of the Centre's post-doc community Dr Nikolai Adamski and Dr Philippa Borrill also provided a day long session on bioinformatics tools in cereal research.

On Wednesday, the group travelled to Limagrain at Rothwell for a set of talks on cereal diseases, specifically rust. One of the most engaging parts of the visit was an opportunity to get some hands-on experience in disease scoring. The Early Stage Researchers benefitted enormously from the expertise of Limagrain scientists Simon Berry and Paul Fenwick.

Following this extensive week of training, the group moved to Dublin for the first part of their innovation training. This specialised training was facilitated by the UCD Innovation Academy and involved projects and exercises designed to make the Early Stage Researchers "think outside the box".

Over the summer months, the group will complete an online project and present their results to the wider group later in the year.

Two major programme training events in April